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Hey Dave, What’s Up?

Rewriting the previously-mentioned lost writing is proving difficult. I have a good idea where things are going. I know where the plot leads (for a while at least… a good amount still needs shoring up), but I feel like I’m trying to run through syrup to get there. I have to struggle with myself to get anything down on the page. It’s my sincere hope that once I get to parts of the story that I’ve vaguely plotted but hadn’t written before everything got lost that everything will click little bit better. Fingers crossed.

The fact that I’m back on backshift all the time might help there, provided I can get myself to actually write despite the many and varied distractions that can be found on a nightly basis.

Running’s going well. Just finished my first time through Week 4. There will be a second time, as the 5-minute runs are killing me. Either way, time to get to work, try to get some more writing done tonight. Wish me well!

Also, unsolicited random encouragement is always appreciated, if you happen to feel so inclined.


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